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Inspired by the soulfulness and rich heritage of the Southern California surf culture, Allen always knew he wanted to pursue surf photography as a career. At the age of 13, Allen purchased his first camera, and by age 15, was attending college classes in photography. The films "Endless Summer" and "Five Summer Stories," which featured surf photographers in a variety of exotic locations, impacted Allen's life and provided professional clarity. His exceptional photographic skills were evident, and as a teen he was hired by Breakout California Surf Magazine. He became one of the the youngest photo editors in the surfing publication industry where he received national and international recognition as a skilled photographer. With the cultural changes of the 1980s and the new neon California spirit, Allen was in the heart of the surf culture, documenting and celebrating the exciting era. He became adept at combining the emergence of surf companies with the California surf lifestyle. Allen provided his insider expertise to new brands such as Quicksilver, Body Glove, Ocean Pacific, and a host of other nascent surf wear companies. 


His love of surfing and his photographic skills have taken him around the world, including the legendary North Shore of Oahu. There, he challenged himself as a water photographer, capturing surfers at the intensely beautiful and dangerous Hawaiian Pipeline. Allen has explored the golden state from Santa Cruz to San Diego, from the Mojave Desert to the Sierra Mountains. traveling the California coastline, desert and mountain terrains, where he continued to photograph. Whether surfing, snowboarding or mountain-biking, his action photography has made him a sought-after professional. Known as an extremely versatile, innovative and reputable photographer, Allen has built a stellar career.


To keep up with the demand of his clients, Allen founded Carrasco Creative Services, his own photo and design studios in Carlsbad and Los Angeles, CA. He expanded his services and provided a professional studio offering graphic and design services. He branched out to the golf and fashion industries. He also worked in Hollywood, photographing celebrity personalities. He began touring with, and photographing, rock legends such as Rod Stewart, Carlos Santana, Tom Petty and the Rolling Stones. He was invited to be the personal photographer of world renowned motivational speakers Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, and Deepak Chopra. Understanding the huge potential of the booming home and garden industry in Southern California, Allen began photographing beautiful estates, landscapes and designs for high-end architects and builders. Shortly thereafter, his photos began gracing the covers of Home & Garden and lifestyle publications.


Allen earned a variety of awards and was further recognized for artistic excellence by the Master Pool Builders Guild of America. In 2009, Allen was recruited by Enjoy Professional Hair Care Inc., where he became the creative force in charge of innovative and exciting marketing and branding. As the Director of Photography and Video, he led a team which created a 100 page celebrity, lifestyle and travel publication, including an online edition. His photography was featured on numerous magazine covers and in countless articles. In addition to his print work, Allen also produced and directed a nationally televised travel and lifestyle program, featuring America's top restaurants, resorts, gourmet chefs and celebrity personalities. Today, Allen capitalizes on 35 years of professional and real world experience. 

He utilizes state of the art equipment (including drone photography), current technology, and media communication to brand and market cutting-edge companies. Now a family man, still surfing and immersed in the local surf culture, he remains inspired by the beauty of Southern California. Allen invites you to explore his website. Please contact him with any questions or inquiries.

Behind The Scenes.
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